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About Sharon
Counsellor & Certified Integrative Body Psychotherapy Practitioner 

What led me to this work is from my own therapy. I started to go to counselling in my twenties and saw several different counsellors who were quite helpful. I learned about how my background had a lot to do with how I reacted to different situations and I learned about the traumas I experienced growing up. However, I was frustrated that I would continue to engage in the same old emotional patterns realizing this after the fact. Fortunately I found a therapist who had some training in somatic psychology. She was really helpful in getting me to leave an abusive relationship and leave a toxic work environment.  

I started to learn how to trust my body and listen to what it was telling me. After working with this therapist I decided to pursue training in Integrative Body Psychotherapy and had to work with new counsellors to complete my hours of training. Working with these counsellors allowed me to deepen my work and I was able to access memories from infancy and heal the trauma from before I had the ability to speak. It was this trauma that prevented me from forming healthy relationships in my life. By healing this early emotional trauma, I have broken a family legacy of abandonment and have learned how to connect with my core self and have deeply fulfilling relationships.

This area of therapy makes such a huge difference because it connects clients to their core self which is accessed through the body. Access to our core self provides us with aliveness and calm that is generated by the life force energy in our being. This form of therapy is powerful also because many of our injuries occurred in relationship and can only be healed in relationship. When a therapist is in contact with their own internal regulation system and sense of constancy, clients can heal at a deep level where the injury originally occurred.

I believe that a somatic approach to therapy is where true healing happens. That talk alone is not enough. Clients are not looking for temporary relief from their problems, they are looking for transformation and deep healing so that they can live their best lives. People get better with me because I offer something that speaks to their true selves, that bypasses the false self where people feel truly seen and heard.