My belief is that if something happens to our energy early in life, then we develop a poor sense of self which becomes buried under defensive blocks. If we had to block our feelings, we block the healthy flow of energy in our bodies.

Blocks appear as muscular tension in the body. In my practice, I contact the blocks in the body, help relax the tensions that produced them, and assist in releasing the energy to flow freely which allows the emergence of the self buried within each of us. From my experience, with energy flowing unimpeded, a person can have the sense of well-being in their body that should have been their natural condition in infancy.

I believe that dysfunctional patterns cannot be changed by talk alone. It is only by going back home to the site of where the injury happened-the body-where real change can occur. In my practice, when aliveness in the body is reawakened, one experiences an intensified sense of self-authenticity that can be expressed through relationships with others, leading to higher levels of personal fulfillment and intimacy.


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